About The Anglican Digest


For 65 years, The Anglican Digest (TAD) has been the leading quarterly publication serving the Anglican Communion. From its inception, TAD’s mission has been “to reflect the words and work of the faithful throughout the Anglican Communion.” At a time when print editions are becoming an endangered species, TAD remains a familiar presence in the homes and offices of many Episcopalians.

Founded in 1958 by the Rev. Howard Lane Foland (1908-1989), our heritage is “Prayer Book Catholic,” and is open to the needs and accomplishments of all expressions of Anglicanism: Anglo-Catholic, Broad, and Evangelical. Thus, The Anglican Digest does not cater to any one niche or segment of the Church, but finds its enduring ethos in serving the Church, including her clergy and lay leaders, those thoroughly educated and “babes in Christ.”

Each issue, therefore, is unique, representing a mixture of themes for a varied audience, including emerging ministry ideas for clergy and laity, devotional and historical material, as well as humor and news briefs from around the Communion.

Published quarterly by SPEAK, the Society for Promoting and Encouraging Arts and Knowledge (of the Church), The Anglican Digest is sent to anyone who desires to receive it, and is supported by contributions. To receive your own copy or to partner with us in sharing the work of the faithful, use our online individual subscription form, read our information about becoming a partner parish, or contact us online or by calling 479-253-9701.

Board of Trustees

Chairman: The Rev. Charleston D. Wilson, Sarasota, Florida
Vice-Chairman: The Rev. Christopher G. Colby, Biloxi, Mississippi
Secretary/Treasurer: The Rev. Dr. C. Bryan Owen, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt, Diocese of Tennessee
The Rt. Rev. Anthony J. Burton, Dallas, Texas
Mrs. Marian Montgomery Chancellor, Brooksville, Mississippi
The Rev. Canon Neal O. Michell, Richardson, Texas
Mr. Phillip Parker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Honorary Member: Dr. E. Mitchell Singleton, Dallas, Texas

Editorial Committee
The Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson, Editor
The Rt. Rev. Anthony F. M. Clavier, Assistant Editor
E-mail: frobinson@anglicandigest.org

Anglican Digest Coordinator
Ms. Linda Crane
E-mail: lcrane@anglicandigest.org