Become a Partner Parish

When your parish joins our Parish Partner Plan, every household in your parish receives a print copy of The Anglican Digest.

Joining our Parish Partner Plan affirms our mission of “reflecting the words and work of the faithful throughout the Anglican Communion” and gives each household an opportunity to enter the “work and words of the faithful.”

Hillspeak068-wideIn order for every member to continue receiving The Anglican Digest annually, simply encourage at least 30 percent of the members who receive the magazine to donate at least $25 per year to promote our work and defray our costs.

Additionally, when your dean, rector, or vicar designates an “Anglican Digest Sunday,” copies of The Anglican Digest will be provided for distribution to each family that attends services on that particular Sunday.

We hope that you will find the “work and words of the faithful” inspiring and that the Body of Christ, the Church, would be built up here on earth.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us online or at:

The Anglican Digest
805 County Road 102
Eureka Springs, AR 72632-9705
Phone: 479-253-9701

If you prefer, we also offer three easy ways you can introduce The Anglican Digest to your parish family:

  • Tell us how many copies are needed to distribute to families at Sunday worship and we will gladly send them to you for distribution.
  • Send us the mailing labels for your parish roster and we will send them in a one-time mailing. We respect your privacy; your list will remain confidential and will not be shared.
  • Send us your mailing list and we will mail issues to each home for one whole year at no charge!

Please contact us for more information.