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Hillspeak029-wideThe only reason The Anglican Digest is able to “reflect the work of the faithful throughout the Anglican Communion” is because of the unique process by which we gather information. Instead of working for any one agency or part of the Church to share only certain information or employing a team of writers, we rely solely on the articles of we collect each day in our inbox and our mailbox. These articles, together with the gifts receive from our faithful readers, truly comprise our daily bread.

We, in turn, edit the submissions, publishing most of them in due time. Each issue, therefore, is unique, representing a mixture of themes for a varied audience, including emerging ministry ideas for clergy and laity, devotional and historical material, as well as humor and news briefs from around the Anglican Communion.

If you have suggestions of an article that you would like submitted to The Anglican Digest, please complete the form below.  If you have an essay, poem, or other item that you would like to submit, please forward it to our editor as an e-mail attachment; you may reach The Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson at

You may choose any topic you like; it may be something written recently or something that you wrote years ago for some other publication; it could be a sermon you preached or plan to preach; it may be something appropriate to the season or it may be of general interest historical, theological, ethical, homiletical, or liturgical! Articles should be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 words in length.